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The Interclub Agreement of 2011 is a significant agreement amongst maritime organizations worldwide that has significantly impacted how shipowners, charterers, and other maritime stakeholders function in the industry.

The Interclub Agreement is an agreement between several maritime organizations, including the International Group of P&I Clubs, the Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association, the North of England P&I Association, the Japan Shipowners` Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association, and the West of England P&I Club. The agreement is a mutual liability insurance agreement, which means that the members of the agreement pool their resources to cover potential liabilities arising from maritime accidents and incidents.

The agreement came about in response to the increase in incidents of pollution and other liability-related issues arising from maritime operations. The agreement ensures that the members of the agreement can manage the fallout from such incidents while minimizing the financial impact.

The Interclub Agreement 2011 builds on the 1996 version, which was the previous version of the agreement. The updated agreement includes new clauses that reflect modern-day viewpoints on maritime liabilities, including a new provision for environmental liabilities. The agreement is an essential tool for maritime organizations and encourages a proactive approach to managing potential liabilities in the industry.

The agreement is widely regarded as an essential tool in modern-day maritime operations, as it helps protect the interests of all parties involved. This benefit is especially crucial given the complex nature of the maritime industry, which can make the assignment of liability challenging.

In conclusion, the Interclub Agreement 2011 is a vital agreement for the maritime industry, covering areas of mutual concern by pooling resources to cover potential liabilities, ultimately protecting the interests of all parties involved.