Looking for a reliable telecommunications provider for your Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU)? Telus has got you covered with their MDU Agreements.

What is an MDU Agreement?

An MDU Agreement is a contract between a telecommunications provider and the owner or manager of an MDU complex. The agreement allows Telus to provide telecommunication services to residents in the complex.

Why Choose Telus MDU Agreements?

Telus is committed to delivering innovative products and services through their reliable, high-speed fiber-optic network. With their MDU Agreements, Telus can offer residents of an MDU complex a wide range of telecommunication services, including internet, TV, and home phone.

As an MDU owner or manager, partnering with Telus can offer many benefits. Beyond the ability to offer top-tier telecommunication services, Telus can also assist in the installation and maintenance of the necessary infrastructure.

Benefits of Telus MDU Agreements:

– Reliable, high-speed fiber-optic network

– Wide range of telecommunication services for residents

– Assistance in installation and maintenance of infrastructure

– Ongoing support and service

How to Set Up a Telus MDU Agreement?

Setting up a Telus MDU Agreement is simple. Interested owners or managers can reach out to Telus to begin the process. A Telus representative will assess the complex`s needs and offer a customized solution that meets the complex`s telecommunication needs.

In conclusion, Telus MDU Agreements offer a reliable and innovative solution for MDU owners and managers to provide telecommunication services to their residents. With a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction, a partnership with Telus can be a valuable addition to any MDU complex.